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Weather patterns are unpredictable, and local residents rely on a dependable heating and air conditioning system to help maintain a healthy and comfortable indoor environment. Knowledgeable and experienced HVAC contractors provide comprehensive services designed to keep furnaces, heat pumps and air conditioners operating at peak efficiency through many cooling and heating seasons.

Choosing the Right Contractor

While many consumers thoroughly research equipment options before making a purchase, it is also important to properly screen an HVAC contractor who might work on the system. In reality, the dealers who install and service equipment have a significant impact on system performance and the customer’s level of satisfaction.

  • Identify Areas of Expertise: HVAC is an extremely diverse industry, and many companies specialize in one particular area. It is critical to select a contractor that has the specific skills and expertise to meet the exact requirements of the job. For example, a contractor that works primarily in the new construction commercial market may not be the best choice for addressing a residential HVAC repair.
  • Screen for Quality: Personal referrals and business references are valuable tools for confirming the timeliness, quality and price competitiveness of the contractor. Most states offer an online resource for verifying the status of the contractor’s license and identifying any active complaints.


Quality HVAC dealers offer a variety of comprehensive services targeted for every phase of equipment ownership.

  • HVAC Repair: At Comfort Services, we recognize the frustration associated with a furnace or AC breakdown when the outdoor temperature is extreme. Some contractors lack sufficient resources to handle a growing backlog when the weather suddenly changes. We continually invest in training, vehicles, inventory and staff in order to provide a rapid response to every service inquiry.
  • Design and Installation: New systems should always be designed around ACCA Manual J load calculations. Manual J helps determine the exact capacity requirements for each room in the building. HVAC equipment is selected to provide exceptional comfort and maximum efficiency.
  • Regular Maintenance: A preventative maintenance agreement is a vital element in a comprehensive service program. Routine maintenance helps keep HVAC systems operating reliably and enhances total performance. We dispatch our NATE certified and factory trained technicians to your home or office on a regular basis to test, inspect, clean and calibrate vital system components. Periodic maintenance can locate small problems before they evolve into serious issues, and every manufacturer includes a routine maintenance provision as part of their warranty coverage.

Your Full Service Heating and Cooling Contractor

For complete HVAC equipment installation, maintenance and repair services, Comfort Services provides superior workmanship, quality products and a complete solution for every heating and air conditioning challenge.

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