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Humidifers and Dehumidifers in Aberdeen NC

Humidity can play a critical role in both your home comfort levels and your indoor air quality through different seasons, making it important to monitor conditions that may indicate a problem.

You can keep track of your home’s relative humidity with a hygrometer, but knowing what to do if your readings are outside of the recommended range is equally important. Ideal indoor humidity readings should be between 30 and 50 percent, and steps for addressing high or low readings may depend on the type of comfort equipment already in use in your home. Both humidifiers and dehumidifiers are available to bring moisture levels in your home back into the recommended range.

Dehumidification Issues

Removing moisture from your home environment is integral in the operation of your cooling system. The summer humidity can be a problem if the temperatures in Aberdeen, NC, aren’t high enough to warrant extensive use of your air conditioner. As your system operates, the cold conditions at your evaporator coils cause moisture in the air to condense. Shorter cycles associated with milder weather and minimal air conditioner operation don’t allow enough time for sufficient dehumidification. Problems that can arise because of too much humidity include:

  • Indoor sweating – moisture can accumulate on your furnishings, walls, floors and ceilings, causing potential damage.
  • Mold – areas with concentrations of moisture can promote mold growth, an issue that can affect the health of your household members.
  • Discomfort – poor dehumidification can leave your indoor environment feeling hotter than it actually is, causing you to use your air conditioner more.
Our line of humidifiers & dehumidifiers is helpful if you need to solve a problem with continually high humidity levels.

Low Winter Humidity Levels

During the winter months, your indoor air quality can be affected by too little moisture. This is due to the fact that cold air holds half the moisture that warm air can hold. Additionally, the operation of a furnace can draw the little remaining moisture out of your indoor air, leading to dry conditions that can have a negative impact on your health and comfort. Consider the following issues:

  • Dry indoor air leads to cracked and chapped skin.
  • The air feels cooler when humidity levels are low, leading to a need for greater heating activity to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature.
  • Humidity levels of 15 percent or lower can dry mucous membranes, affecting personal defenses against winter illnesses.
Our line of humidifiers and dehumidifiers includes various options for use in tandem with your heating unit to ensure that your home is comfortable and healthy during the chilly months of winter.

Locate the Right Humidifiers & Dehumidifiers for Your Home

The indoor air quality team at Comfort Services, Inc. is available to assist in addressing your humidity concerns. Our familiarity with Aberdeen, NC, allows us to make recommendations for humidifiers and dehumidifiers that will best serve your needs in light of local conditions. Contact our customer service representatives to discuss your concerns or to schedule an appointment.