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Pinehurst, NC Air Conditioning Repair & Service


Conceived in 1895, Pinehurst was developed as a golf resort by famous New England industrialist James Walker Tufts. Although the Sandhills region had been lightly settled before the establishment of the Donald Ross-designed golf course at Pinehurst, poor soils and drainage issues prevented the region from becoming a stronghold for agriculture. Thanks to the contributions of famed architect and planner Frederick Law Olmsted, Pinehurst had become known as a premier health resort and golfing destination by the second decade of the 20th century. In the 1960s, the village and resort were sold to a large land development corporation that added more than 7,000 housing units to the village’s land area. After officially incorporating in 1980, Pinehurst is now recognized as a unique North Carolina vacation destination.


Pinehurst is located within the North Carolina Sandhills ecosystem and lies near the ill-defined transition between the coastal plain and the Carolina Piedmont. The village is close to the similarly sized settlements of Southern Pines and Aberdeen, and its core is Corn_crib_in_Pinehurst,_NClocated less than 100 miles from the heart of Charlotte. It’s also less than 75 miles from downtown Raleigh and less than 50 miles from Fayetteville. This central location is made even more convenient by broad thoroughfares like North Carolina Highways 2, 5 and 211. Although the area is fairly rugged, its dense vegetation limits the usefulness of hilltop vista points.

Population and Demographics

Pinehurst’s population exceeds 13,000 by a slim margin. Thanks to an influx of part-time and year-round residents, this figure has increased markedly in recent years. Whereas many of the town’s younger residents work in the robust local service industry or run businesses that cater directly to tourists, its older residents work on a part-time basis or enjoy leisurely retirements. Indeed, many of Pinehurst’s most visible residents are retirees who enjoy the area’s high quality of life and nearly endless opportunities for outdoor recreation.

Things to Do in Pinehurst, North Carolina

As a year-round golf resort and health club, Pinehurst has plenty of entertaining points of interest. The area’s golf complex now features eight courses. Three of these are routinely cited as the world’s most challenging, and a number of others occasionally receive recognition for their innovative design and ferocious obstacles. For fans of horse racing and other specialty sporting events, the Pinehurst Harness Track stands as a monument to the sport’s timelessness and offers valuable overwintering services for thoroughbred horses. Meanwhile, the grounds of the Linden Lodge offer space for contemplative nature walks as well as exceptional bird-watching opportunities.

Climate and Weather

PINEHURST_RACE_TRACK,_MOORE_COUNTY,_NCPinehurst experiences a humid subtropical climate that features four well-defined but unequal seasons. Although local winters can be quite chilly and have been known to produce extended bouts of frosty weather, accumulating snowfall and below-freezing highs are both exceedingly rare. Meanwhile, summer days are usually quite warm and humid. However, they’re made significantly more bearable by frequent rain showers that clear the air of humidity and reduce air temperatures by 15 degrees or more. During the transitional seasons, showery days alternate with mild, sunny stretches that promote outdoor activity.

Air Conditioning Repair in Pinehurst, North Carolina

For years, Comfort Services has been proud to serve the homeowners and business owners of Pinehurst and the surrounding Moore County communities. This state-licensed company’s professionally trained, NATE-certified technicians offer top-notch installation and maintenance techniques for residential, commercial and institutional customers around the area. Whether they need an energy-efficient central air conditioning system installed in a newly constructed residence or simply need a routine duct cleaning and thermostat check, locals can count on Comfort Services to provide reliable, high-quality air conditioning service at affordable price points.

Comfort Services is proud to sell and service the best HVAC products on the market. As a factory-authorized dealer of Carrier products, the company offers heat pumps, electric air conditioners, central units, rooftop units, split systems, humidification equipment and more. Comfort Services also sells and services Puron indoor air quality products like filters and electric air cleaners. Its dedicated staff members are happy to repair and service these devices at semi-annual maintenance appointments or respond to emergency repair calls on a 24-hour basis. With Comfort Services on its side, Pinehurst has a valuable ally in the heating and cooling business.

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