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What to Consider When Hiring an HVAC Contractor

  • July 03, 2013

The average American household spends almost 30 percent of utility costs on heating and cooling the home. Things like proper HVAC equipment sizing, installation and routine maintenance are vital steps in maximizing energy efficiency and minimizing unnecessary repairs. Hiring a reliable HVAC contractor is critical to ensure proper HVAC installation and maintenance.

Here are things to consider when hiring an HVAC contractor.

Referrals. Ask your friends and neighbors which HVAC contractor they use. If you hear the same company mentioned more than once, it’s an especially good sign. By listening to recommendations and warnings, you will know which companies to contact first.

License. It’s imperative that you hire a licensed contractor. Not only does this provide more confidence in their education, training and professionalism, it can also prevent you from sacrificing your warranty. Your equipment warranties may hinge on the agreement that only licensed HVAC contractors should perform more detailed maintenance and repairs. You can verify a North Carolina contractor’s license here.

Whole-house inspection. An experienced HVAC contractor will want to do a thorough inspection of your current system. If you are replacing a unit, or purchasing the first unit for an older home, the contractor will want to inspect your whole house to check things like duct design, insulation, window types, etc. This gives us a better idea of your home’s heating and cooling requirements. Anyone who provides a bid over the phone, sight unseen, should be crossed off your list.

Manuals J and D. If you are replacing a unit, the contractor should use Manuals J and D to properly size the equipment based on structural features of your home. If they say something like, “Your house is approximately XXXX square feet, so you need equipment XX,” it’s a sign they are using old “rule of thumb” measurements and are not up to date on current efficiency standards.

Written proposals. You should be provided with a detailed proposal so you can compare the parts/labor costs across the board. Ask about any noticeable discrepancies.

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