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Tips for Keeping a High Efficiency Air Conditioner Running at its Peak

  • August 08, 2013

Congratulations on purchasing a new high efficiency air conditioner. Now your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep your air conditioner running at its peak. Your A/C is a part of a multi-part HVAC system. An inefficiency in one area will affect the entire system.

Here are tips to ensure that your high efficiency air conditioner is able to honor its SEER rating year after year.

Correct sizing. Was your new A/C sized using Manual J? If not, schedule an appointment with an HVAC contractor. He will inspect your home and use a Manual J calculation to determine the most efficiently sized A/C for your home. Catching a mistake early enough will allow you to exchange the system and potentially save thousands of dollars over its lifetime in terms of energy efficiency.

Duct design
. An inefficient duct design, and/or poorly maintained ducts, are also a source of significant energy waste. Have your duct system inspected to verify your ducts are:

  • Designed efficiently (ideally using Manual D)
  • Adequately sized
  • Free of debris or blockages
  • Sealed and insulated

Once these key factors are in place, your entire HVAC system will benefit from higher energy efficiency.

Adequate airflow. An efficient duct design is one part of the airflow equation. There are other issues that can also negatively affect airflow, which increases energy consumption. These include dirty or clogged filters, obstructed grilles and air vents or an air handler that is mismatched with the other equipment.

Refrigerant charging. Properly charged refrigerant is another component of efficient home cooling. Make sure your A/C is serviced on a regular basis so your refrigerant levels are maintained to the manufacturer’s specifications and any leaks are caught before they become a serious issue. Field studies have shown that 70 percent of air conditioners have inadequately charged refrigerant. This includes both under- and over-charging, both of which have negative consequences. Hiring a NATE-certified technician will ensure that your HVAC system is serviced correctly.

Want to make sure your high efficiency air conditioner will live up to its SEER rating? Contact the HVAC experts at Comfort Services. We prioritize energy efficiency for our Moore and Lee County customers.