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Teach Kids About Energy Savings: Save Now and Nurture Good Habits for Later

  • October 22, 2013

You have probably spent some time figuring out how best to conserve energy as a means to lower your utility bills. But since you’re not the only one in your house who uses equipment, it’s important that you get your whole family on board. If you teach kids about energy savings, you’ll ensure their help while they live at home, and give them valuable advice for when they’re on their own.


It’s not enough to tell the kids to stop fiddling with the thermostat. Explain to them how it works. Grade-school kids and older can learn how to use a programmable thermostat. You can talk to them about the most efficient ways to use the device, including:

  • Using settings in eight-hour blocks
  • Avoiding the override feature
  • Setting reasonable temperatures

Take the time to explain to them that every degree they can adjust the thermostat will translate into a 1 percent reduction of your energy bill. Show them the bills through the months and let them see how decreased usage makes the bills go down.

Air Leaks

You can get your small children involved, too. Go on a treasure hunt for air leaks. Temporary turn off sources of air movement, such as ceiling fans, in your home. Light a candle and hold it near windows and doors. If the kids see the light flicker, they’ll know there’s a leak. You can help your teens and tweens learn how to seal the leaks with caulking and weatherstripping.

Basic Maintenance

Performing simple maintenance is an excellent way to teach kids about energy savings. Your furnace air filter is a good example. It must be clean in order to trap particles and allergens from entering your house. If it gets clogged, your home’s efficiency and air quality will go down. Encourage your kids to remind you to check your filters every month. If they’re dirty, your kids can help replace or clean them.

You may need help to teach your kids about energy savings. If you need expert advice, contact us at Comfort Services, Inc. We serve all of Moore County.