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Home Energy Efficiency 101: How to Air Seal a House

  • August 16, 2013

HIgh utility bills and an uncomfortable home can dampen the spirits of Aberdeen homeowners. Your high energy costs and uncomfortable home could be caused by air leaks, which allow outside air to enter your house and conditioned air to escape. According to Energy Star, when you air seal your home, you could save up 20 percent on your energy costs.

Steps to Take Prior to Air Sealing Your House

Before air sealing your house, take these steps:

  • Locate leaks – When you inspect your home for air leaks, you’ll easily locate the obvious leaks. However, air sealing your home properly requires locating the hidden sources of air leaks. By having an HVAC professional conduct an energy assessment of your home, you’ll be aware of all the sources of your air leaks.
  • Measure your ventilation needs for indoor air quality – Air leaks can facilitate moisture problems that can cause health problems to your family and structural problems to your home. An HVAC professional can assess your ventilation needs to ensure mold prevention and promote indoor air quality.

How to Air Seal a House

When sealing your house, there are three processes to consider:

  • Sealing leaks – The most common processes of sealing flagrant leaks such as around doors and window are caulking, weatherstripping and spray foam. These methods can be applied to hidden leaks in your crawlspace, attic and basement as well.
  • Adding insulation – An important process to air sealing your house is having the correct level of insulation. About 12 to 15 inches is the recommended level of insulation for your attic.
  • Sealing ducts – Because of improper sealing ducts or leaky ducts, roughly 20 percent of the air traveling through your ducts escapes. An HVAC professional will use an air sealant to repair any leaky ducts. When your ducts are properly sealed, you can lower your energy bills and have a comfortable home.

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