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Help Your Heat Pump Cooling System Breeze Through Summer

  • August 24, 2013

Your heat pump cooling system is designed to operate efficiently throughout the summer, but this doesn’t mean you can’t help it along with regular maintenance and TLC.

Operate Your Heat Pump Cooling System Properly

Properly operating your heat pump will save energy and reduce utility bills. Use the “auto” fan setting unless your system has a high-efficiency, variable speed motor. Continuously running the indoor fan can degrade system performance. Although not applicable in summer months, when winter’s chill sets in, avoid thermostat setting that cause the backup heating to come on, which is more expensive to operate. Don’t run the heat pump’s cooling mode with windows or doors open.

Take Care of Your System

There are heat pump maintenance issues you can take care of yourself, and things you will need to hire a professional for. DIY heat pump maintenance includes:

  • Regularly changing or cleaning dirty air filters, which reduce airflow, decrease efficiency, and put a strain on your compressor. Inspect the filter once a month, and when it looks dirty, change it (or clean the filter if its reusable).
  • Cleaning outdoor coils when they appear dirty (after turning off power to the unit).
  • Removing debris, vegetation and other blockages from around the outdoor unit.
  • Cleaning and straightening the fins on supply and return registers inside your home.

Regularly Schedule Professional Maintenance

Like any cooling or heating system, a heat pump cooling system needs to be professionally maintained to run efficiently. A neglected heat pump can increase energy consumption 10-25 percent. When servicing your system, professionals will:

  • Inspect and maintain the systems parts, checking for tightness, wear and lubrication.
  • Check electrical terminals and connections.
  • Check refrigerant level, which has to be exactly as specified for efficient operation.
  • Find and seal costly ductwork leaks that could raise your energy bill and make your home uncomfortable.
  • Measure airflow across the evaporator coil.
  • Ensure your thermostat is operating properly.
  • Verify the correct electric control sequence, ensuring the heating and cooling system are not operating simultaneously.

To schedule annual maintenance for your heat pump cooling system, contact Comfort Services. At Comfort Services, we serve Aberdeen, Southern Pines, Pinehurst, Sanford, Laurinburg, Whispering Pines and the surrounding areas.