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Electronic Air Cleaner Care Offers a Breath of Fresh Air

  • September 07, 2013

Your electronic air cleaner enhances the air in your home because it removes 95 percent of airborne pollutants from the air. This means your family breathes clean air throughout your home. To ensure your air cleaner delivers healthy indoor air throughout your home, you need to maintain proper electronic air cleaner care.

The collector plates of your electronic air cleaner need regular cleaning because they work hard gathering dust particles and other harmful allergens that travel through the air of your home. When you neglect cleaning them, your air cleaner becomes less efficient and stops providing your home and family with healthy air to breathe.

Many manufacturers advise cleaning the collector plates seasonally, or every three months. Naturally, your cleaning schedule would depend on the number of family members, pets and other activities such as smoking.

When preparing to clean the plates, always follow the owner’s manual. Most manufacturers recommend following these steps to clean the collector plates.

  • Soak the plates in warm water that’s mixed with low-sudsing detergent. Keep the plates submerged for an half hour. For real dirty and grimy plates, soak for an hour.
  • Clean the ionizing wires using a soft damp cloth. Be careful of the sharp edges.
  • Remove plates from the water and rinse using clean warm water.
  • Air dry the plates for about two hours. Tilt the plates slightly at an angle to allow water run off.
  • After the plates dry, set them back into the air cleaner, align airflow indicators with the airflow through the units. The indicators ought to point towards the blower motor or air handler.

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