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Are These 5 Common Allergy Triggers Prevalent in Your Home?

  • April 22, 2015

If someone in your family has asthma or allergies, make your Aberdeen area home more comfortable by eliminating common allergy triggers or reducing exposure. Here are some of the most common in-home allergens and tips to reduce them.

Common Indoor Allergens

common allergy triggers

  • Pollen: It may seem to be an outdoor problem, but you can bring pollen into your home on clothing and shoes. Your pets bring in pollen on their fur, too.
  • Dust and dust mites: Dust is a combination of all allergens in your house. Mites and their allergy-inducing droppings are concentrated in bedrooms. They’re also found in parts of the house that collect skin flakes and have higher humidity, including bathroom rugs.
  • Mold: Mold thrives in humid areas like basements or bathrooms, and mold spores circulate in the indoor air, causing allergy symptoms.
  • Pet dander: Even if you don’t have a pet, dander can enter your house on your clothes, hair and shoes.
  • Smoke: Tobacco smoking and smoke from wood-burning fires can cause lung irritation and allergy-like symptoms.

Reduce Allergens and Improve IAQ

There are several steps homeowners can take to remove allergy triggers and make their home’s indoor air as healthy as possible.

  • Clean your home regularly: Dust and vacuum regularly to help avoid dust mites, and wash bedding in hot water on a weekly basis.
  • Limit fabric furnishings: Consider hardwood or tile flooring rather than carpet. Vacuum sofas, cushions and overstuffed chairs often, and be sure to add stuffed animals and drapes to your laundry list regularly.
  • Keep pets out of bedrooms: Kids especially spend lots of time in their bedrooms, so this can help keep rooms allergen free. Wash pets, pet beds or cages often.
  • Use exhaust fans: This type of spot ventilation helps clear out moist air after showering and cooking.
  • Check for roof leaks or plumbing leaks often: If leaks are found, however minor, make repairs immediately to prevent mold.
  • Consider a whole-house dehumidifier: A dehumidification system keeps an eye on your home’s humidity, discouraging mold growth and increasing home comfort.
  • Look into air purification and enhanced filtration options: If you’ve got residents allergies or other respiratory issues, these products can really help by regularly cleaning the air, keeping allergen levels down.

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