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Air Filters: Are Higher Efficiency Types for Your Aberdeen Home a Good Idea?

  • December 27, 2013

One of the most important factors impacting the indoor air quality of your Aberdeen home is the selection and maintenance of the air filters in your HVAC system. Choosing an appropriate type, ensuring that it is correctly sized and fitted and keeping it well maintained at routine intervals will improve your indoor air quality and increase the performance, longevity and energy efficiency of your HVAC system.

Air filters are currently sold with a MERV, or minimum efficiency reporting value, rating. This scale runs 1 to 20 and rates air filters according to their ability and effectiveness at capturing different sized airborne particles. The higher the number, the more effective an air filter is at removing particles.

Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your Home

Air filters with MERV ratings between 17 to 20 are known as HEPA, or high efficiency particulate absorption, filters and can effectively remove a minimum of 99.97 percent of all particles that are 0.3 microns or larger.

HEPA filters are mostly used in medical and other professional facilities where extreme cleanliness is necessary. However, they can work in home HVAC systems that have undergone system modifications.

The more efficient a filter is at removing particles from a system, the sooner it needs to be replaced as it quickly clogs with the particles it traps. When an air filter becomes too clogged, it restricts air flow to the HVAC system and causes the equipment to work harder to pull air through the clogged filter. This decreases equipment effectiveness and can cause fans to burn out, requiring premature service and replacement.

However, choosing an air filter with too low an efficiency rating allows larger dust and dirt particles through your system and into your indoor environment. This can create a poor indoor air quality and contribute to debris buildup within your HVAC system.

The best way to determine which filter *is right for your system is to consult your owner’s manual or contact a professional for expert advice. If you’re not sure which air filter is right for your home, contact us at Comfort Services Inc. today!