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Air Conditioning a Garage? Have You Considered a Ductless System?

  • September 19, 2013

If you’re interested in air conditioning a garage, consider installing a ductless system. Ductless mini split systems allow you to cool or heat a room efficiently, with evenly distributed air. Whether you do work in your garage, or are considering converting it to another functional room in the house like an addition, these systems ensure that you can enjoy comfortable indoor air temperatures. Additions and garages most often don’t have ducts connected to them from central HVAC units. Ductless systems provide many unique advantages.

  • They are just about as easy to install as a window unit air conditioner, and can be turned on and off as rooms become occupied, but they use about half the BTUs of a typical AC unit. They are more cost-effective and they ensure better control of energy usage, making them a good green alternative.


  • Air conditioning a garage with a ductless system will also present the additional benefit of being able to warm a garage when it’s cold outside.


  • They work by pulling air in through an outdoor compressor/condenser and then cool a room through liquid refrigerant. In this sense, they are like the miniature version of a kitchen refrigerator. Due to advances in technology, they offer more firm control of temperature through their ability to regulate the amount of refrigerant flow to the indoor coil.


  • They take less work to install, and typically involve only two main components: the outdoor compressor and the indoor wall unit. They take up a minimal amount of space.

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