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3 Attic Problems That Could Be Bringing Down the Efficiency of Your Aberdeen Home

  • February 20, 2015

In many homes, the attic is the single biggest drain on efficiency throughout the year. This large, unconditioned part of the home often goes unimproved for better efficiency. Take some time to address and correct the following attic problems for a healthy attic and energy efficiency throughout the house.

Adequate Insulation

attic insulation Roofs are almost always uninsulated, and the floor of your attic may have little or no insulation as well. Add extra insulation in the form of loose-fill or fiberglass batts to significantly decrease the thermal exchange with the living spaces below. Don’t be afraid to cover the floor with several inches of insulation. By insulating the attic properly, you’ll lose less heat in the winter and less cool, conditioned air in the summer.

Proper Ventilation

Good airflow is critical for controlling moisture levels in the attic, as well as keeping indoor pollution from collecting in the space and impacting indoor air quality. Without good ventilation, heat collects in the attic space during the winter and can contribute to ice dams, which in turn may cause structural moisture damage to the roof and joists.

Ensure that you have proper ventilation with unobstructed vents. Using the attic for storage can significantly decrease airflow and may be a key factor in ventilation issues. Every house has slightly different requirements, so consult a ventilation professional about any shortfalls and additional needs in your attic.

Extra Air Sealing

Air leaks are a huge efficiency burner, as they allow conditioned air to seep into the attic, and cold or hot attic air to infiltrate carefully-controlled living spaces. Check for dirty insulation and obvious cracks and gaps where outside air comes through. Caulk any leaks you find. Fit the attic hatch with a plastic tent or foam board cover and foam weatherstripping to help seal air leaks from the primary attic access point. Get a professional home energy audit to identify additional efficiency needs.

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