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The Benefits of Adding a Zoning System to Your Pinehurst Home

  • August 13, 2014

adding a zoning systemHave you ever wondered if your central air conditioner is missing something? What about the heating system in your Pinehurst area home? That missing link could be a zoning system. Even if your HVAC system is plenty large enough and a major, reliable brand, your home can still be left with areas that are too warm or too cold. Unfortunately the harder you try to get your heating and cooling system to work, by turning it up for example, the more money it costs you. Adding a zoning system to your home can take care of both problems: improving your home comfort and your HVAC system’s performance and efficiency.

Custom Comfort for Each Zone

Zoning systems help you to save energy and money while enjoying comfortable temperatures wherever you are in your house. Zoning ensures that your conditioned air is used wisely, by directing it only to where it’s needed in your home. You can target certain rooms for more heating or cooling and allocate less air conditioning to others – simply by setting the desired temperature for each zone from a central keypad. The added heating and cooling efficiency will bring you savings right away. One of the best zoning system benefits is that, with each lower monthly energy bill, your zoning system upgrade gradually pays for itself.

How Zoning Systems Work

A zoned HVAC system starts with a system of thermostats, one in each designated zone of your home. All of the thermostats are linked electronically, so that you can control each climate zone in your house from one central control panel.

In order to achieve the temperatures you have set, a system of dampers installed within the ductwork of your home goes into action. The dampers distribute heated or cooled air where it’s needed. You’ll use less energy overall while keeping every area of your home comfortable. Add programmable thermostats to your zoning system benefits and save even more.

Tough Home Comfort Problems Solved by Zoning Systems

Zoning works well in almost any home. When your home has any of the following characteristics that challenge basic heating and cooling systems, zoning is almost essential for home comfort:

  • A large home: Without zoning, your choices are wasting energy heating or cooling the entire place using one temperature setting in one central room or hallway – or being uncomfortable.
  • A multi–story home: Since heat rises, the upper floor(s) will typically be warmer than the main floor. The upper floor needs more cooling in summer and less heat in winter to stay comfortable. A single-thermostat HVAC system can’t accommodate these needs.
  • A home addition: An added room never seems to get its fair share of heat or cooling.
  • A far-flung or unusual home layout: Certain areas don’t get warm enough or cool enough, unless you overheat or freeze the entire house.
  • A finished basement: Cool air settles in the basement. If it’s a space you like to use, you may find the temperature uncomfortable. With just one thermostat upstairs, the basement may never warm up.
  • Cathedral ceiling or a loft: The air up there will be warmer than the rest of the space, making it a challenge to keep all occupants, in the upper and lower part of the room, comfortable.
  • Lots of south-facing windows: All that window space can make your home too hot under the summer sun – and too cold when winter winds blow.
  • Multiple family members: Each person typically has a different idea about comfortable temperatures.

Key Zoning System Benefits

  • Zoning systems save energy – Keeps occupied parts of the house comfortable without forcing your home comfort system to cool or heat the rest.
  • Zoning helps HVAC equipment last longer – Reduces strain on your furnace and A/C.
  • Zoning systems provide custom comfort – Each zone is independent.
  • Zone control systems decrease energy use – You can save hundreds of dollars in energy costs each year, especially if you combine zoning with a programmable thermostat.
  • Zoned systems are quieter – Your furnace and air conditioner spend less time on high and make less noise.

Experience Matters When Installing a Zoning System

Choose an HVAC contractor with experience because correctly dividing a home into zones plays an important role the efficient functioning of the system. In addition, system design and placement of the dampers must be optimal, so that you get the best performance from your HVAC system.

To learn more about zoning and zoning system benefits, contact the professionals at Comfort Services, Inc. We have the experience necessary to retrofit, upgrade or install new a system in your home. We serve the entire Moore County area.

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