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Top 6 Reasons to Service Your Air Conditioner in the Offseason

  • October 29, 2015

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Although most people don’t want to think about their air conditioning unit when it’s not hot out, your AC still suffers wear and tear during the off-season. While it’s important to do the simple things like change your filters and cover your unit during the winter, your air conditioner needs more TLC than just that. Maintaining and servicing your air conditioner even in the colder months will save you time and money in the long run, and get your unit ready for the hot North Carolina summers.

Operate at Full Efficiency

Imagine driving your car without an oil change or running a marathon without stretching. Blasting your air conditioner when summer hits after letting it sit idle all fall, winter, and spring is similar. To run at full-efficiency, your air conditioner needs to be serviced by a qualified professional. Getting a tune up for your AC before you need it will make sure it’s ready to go and will work optimally when it’s time.

Peak Performance

Your air conditioner uses a lot of energy. A lot of the time when your home isn’t working efficiently, it’s because of your air conditioner. When your unit is running at its peak performance, it saves you money on your energy bill and helps the environment. You will waste less time worrying about both your bills and your unit’s efficiency when it is running at peak performance. Although you may think changing the air filters and other basic maintenance is enough, you could do so much more bringing in a certified professional.

Extend Your Air Conditioner’s Life

Properly maintaining your air conditioner can extend its life, and help it run more efficiently for longer. Your air conditioner’s efficiency will lessen as the years go by, but maintaining it regularly will extend it’s shelf-life,and keep your energy bills lower. Since an air conditioner is such a big investment, you want to get the most out it.

Prevents a System Failure

You probably can’t imagine anything worse than having your air conditioner break down in the dead heat of summer. By having your system maintained in the off-season, you can help prevent a major system failure that could result in having to spend the money on a hotel, or paying off-hour or weekend fees to your HVAC provider. Although having your system maintained won’t guarantee it won’t break down all of a sudden, it drastically lowers those chances.

Ability to Plan Ahead

If you get regular maintenance on your AC unit, you can plan on replacing it when necessary instead of being surprised when it breaks down. Your HVAC service provider can usually get a good sense of how your air conditioner is operating and can tell you if it is running at a lower efficiency or may not last another summer. Once you know how well it’s operating, you can plan and save for a new one, instead of having to scramble to come up with the money when it breaks down unexpectedly.

Maintenance and Service Plans

One of the best reasons to maintain your air conditioner in the winter is that you don’t personally have to do it. Most HVAC and plumbing companies offer maintenance plans or maintenance services in the off season. You can also get a tune-up affordably. A professional can change your air filters, test for leaks, measure airflow, and clean the coils all so you don’t have to. This process is essential to maintaining your air conditioner and one that should be left to the experts.

While it may be a little annoying to have to worry about your air conditioner year round, it’s certainly more annoying to unexpectedly have to replace it. Furthermore, with such a big investment in both your AC and your energy bills, it’s important to make sure you get the most out of your money. Maintaining and servicing even when you’re not using it will help to make sure you don’t have the large, unexpected expense of replacing your AC, and the headache that comes from a broken air conditioner in the summer. Call Comfort Services to schedule a tune up on your air conditioner at 866-357-4613.